The FTD annual discharge:

a tradition of sorts

Hi guys, hope you’re getting through the festive period relatively unscathed.

Once again the talented ones among us have been kind enough to offer up some free music the EOY giveaway.

Gramrcy’s gone and done some edits, keep an eye out for the ‘Shiny Happy People’ re-work especially..

E-Unity has done a nicely strung out version of ‘Tallarita’. The record we had a real hoot releasing this year.

DJML has dug out even more drum machine experiments from the archives and given them a nice little polish.

Bandshell has offered up some rare fruit from his productions orchard. Always a festive treat around this time of year.

Georgia’s v. own Brian has sent over a couple of absolute PEACHES!

aaand Elmhurst from GlassTalk records was kind enough to let us include his track ‘7th Sense’..

Once again, Drakeford has done nothing. The lazy shit.

Enjoyyy ~