Freespirited tuneage discharge:

A Soundtrack To Travel Chaos

We weren't too great at putting out records this year, so here's a final offering of the year in the form of a compilation. 

There's a lot of fun things inside. Some live jams from Bandshell, a recording of DJML's incredible live show which if you're clever with cue points you could probably DJ with, a slightly insane computer game devised by Niagara which if you score 25 points and send us a screenshot of - will earn you a free track of theirs, a blissful gong and chime workout from the Georgia dudes that would make a great alarm clock on Christmas morning and Reckonwrong's festive noodle version of Pey Woman. 

Here's to putting out some new records in 2018. A new EP that offers to bring unity to your community and hopefully a reissue of something Charles has been jamming hard to for a long time. 

Enjoy the travel chaos - we hope this helps..